Being a Rally driver is an extremely rare priviledge for very few talented individuals.
In 1980, the impressed people at Audi Sport decided to do something that was unheard of in the male-dominated world of rallying.
They trusted their -then-high-tech four wheel drive 300bhp Audi Quattro car, to a young French female driver named  Michèle Mouton!
After a first dissapontment at Rally  Monte Carlo, her star rose, establishing women drivers in the pantheon of rallying and racing in general.
For me she was the stuff of legend. I have  a vivid image from our small village's schoolyard when I was a very young pupil at the elementary school: all children had gathered around our teacher who was pointing at what looked like a comet of dust, blazing it's way at the οpposite hillside.
We couldn't tell what it was, but after a while I remember him lowering his binoculars and saying "that's the French woman alright!"
It was 1982 and we just have seen Michèle, scorching her way to number-one position at the Acropolis rally
My illustration is a small tribute to her. Made in Photoshop and illustrator. The colours I have used are close to that of the Audi Sports livery.
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