- The Brief - 
I was commissioned by my good friend Kostas Skintzis (an aspiring young theatrical Director) to design all the promotional material for the the theatrical play "Oh what a world dad!" ("Ω τι κόσμος μπαμπά" in greek) during the summer of 2013. 

The theme of the play is a scathing satire of the greek society.It was first played  in 1972 and covers the period of  the Greek military junta from 1967 to 1974. However the theme remains strikingly seasonable.
The show satirizes the tragicomic situations experienced by the average Greek today at all and with all that is happening around us, to Greece crisis not so much economic as the identity crisis .
- The Design Process -
The first thing I did, whas to search for inspiration mainly from other posters designed for the same play, but there were very few in fact.

The particularity of this specific play, is that it doesn't consist of a single "theme" or one story from start to the end but is a built from very smaller segments, seemingly different with each other but which give you the overall feeling of a decaying and sweltering society
I came up with the idea of a tie, in which the knot consists of two hands that choke the greek Omega symbol. My symbolism is that the tie is the society that "chokes" the personality of the individual. The tie also represents the ostensible or fake and comforming.
To further enhance the diversity of stories that the play presents, I decided to create a lot of different cartoon-like sketches depicting elements of the play inside the tie
I used photos (like the hands of my good friend Kyriakos) and traced them adding my own elements where needed. I traced some of the sketches on my android phone, during vacation and using Sketchbook Mobile  Express. I vectorized them later in illustrator.
I designed the programme as a tabloid newspaper of the times, using related typography and adding dirt and "vintage" coloring to it. The play's sponsor fitted nicely in black-only print.
The online promo for the play
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