Hooligans - Movie Poster
A Personal Project

Τhis is a personal project of mine, re-imagining a poster from the '80s cult greek film "Hooligans" a.k.a. "Take your hands of our youth".
I was inspired by the era's Hollywood poster masters and especially Drew Struzan and used heavy filtering of frame grabs in photoshop & Fotosketcher as well as additional digital painting to come close to an illustrated  result.

The following is a film synopsis:
A young high school graduate enters a group of hooligans , fans of Olympiacos and his whole life revolves around this gang . In a violent brawl with fans of AEK , the young seriously injured and left disabled . His father accuses the group of hooligans as responsible for the damage suffered by his son and decides to reveal those who incite these young men, urging them to corresponding behaviors.

It looks like a social-action drama right?
Nope. The movie involves ridiculous lines, sometimes totally incomprehensible which disrupt the plot, an evil neo-Nazi princess, sexy dancers singing "Hooly-hooly-hooly gans", a cheesy-line psychologist, an enraged young man that reveals to his father, a conservative Orthodox, Priest that "the truth belongs to Sex Pistols, got it?" pocket knives, slow motiion crashes and the protagonist making his glorious entry at a family party, wearing only an air-force jacket, a boxer and lipstick shouting to the crowd "Ye are all monkeez!"

This is Hollywood material right? 
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